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November 22nd, 2021

Page 812

Anxiety Bear might need to adjust his meds. Or find a new low stress environment which sounds out of reach…

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  1. Nila Foxy

    Alison: *makes another Glech moment*
    Many BN fans: YES

  2. Elias

    So i was wondering

    We’ll have the origin of gay and lech one day? Those are the only ones we don’t know pretty much about

  3. T-Shaw

    LOVE IT!

  4. Treascair

    Prozac, homie… you need a hug. And a long talk with Gimp.

    … also, YAY, more Glech!

  5. Tjimmy1999

    Well their relationship is an official thing now, so there’s no need to beat around the bush anymore.

  6. waitwot


  7. Murphy

    Aaaaahh! They’re being open with it, good for them!!

  8. Elain

    So with all this glech stuff i was thinking

    We’ll ever get to se the origin of gay and lech? Im pretty curious about how this two managed to get in the zoo with all the gang plus we don’t know pretty much about them

  9. Random

    Im ngl, I’ve never been a fan of the glech stuff. Its not written badly, just always struck me as kinda…idk the word for it. To see it become more than just a passing joke and an actual thing is just odd tbh. I still like this comic and read it every Monday, but I dont really know where this particular subplot is even going to go at this point, since its kinda come to a conclusion. I dont really see what more can happen regarding it once it isn’t a new development anymore.

  10. gridsleep

    Y’see? All this coming out and honesty and stuff. It just makes people even more annoying.

  11. Nicole

    Prozac is the CUTEST!!!

  12. Anon

    And then they had little mpreg babies. D’awwwww.

  13. filias

    that escalate quick , every part of it

  14. Dakaggo

    yesssssss panel 6 and 7 are so damn good.

  15. Ratso

    Gay and Lech…? Wow, it has been awhile since I’ve read the comic. What’s going on hereā€½

  16. Todd Maccarone

    I’m glad to see that Gay and Lech are a bit more open with one another (to a point), but Prozac- the poor boy needs some serious help. Whatever’s coming, it feels like a date about to go off the rails without any chance of recovery, whatsoever!

  17. Lok

    As someone who went to therapy for many years for anger issues. I relate so much to Prozac right now. Like…for real. Getting back into dating was so scary. Who could love a ticking time bomb.

  18. Murphy

    @Ratso Oh it’s been confirmed they’re dating. no big.

  19. MicaXIII

    I am so damn happy<3

  20. kitty

    y’all alison has been hinting at glech since like 2012 nothing new here

  21. Cam

    I lost this comic a few years back but managed to remember it in the chaos of my mind and I’m so happy it’s still going. I love this comic so much, I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t been made into a show or webseries yet, it’s so amazing.

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