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November 8th, 2021

Page 810

Moxies has one of my favourite desserts: a hug piece of white chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream melting on top and tons of whipped cream…it’s soooo good and like 1200 calories, or something obscene, lol. I haven’t had that in forever :(

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  1. Nila Foxy


  2. James

    Sooooo, what’s up with the notch in Cara’s ear? Shouldn’t it move to the inside edge when her ear turns around? Or are her ears staying still, and just changing color? :-)

  3. John

    I discovered this comic like 3 months ago and now i can’t stop reading it

  4. admin

    @James: I thought of that as I was drawing it, this needs to swivel away…and then I left it because I would probably keep forgetting about it so this was easier :)

  5. T-Shaw

    Gotta love chocolate!

  6. Murphy

    Chocolate the anti depressant, must have the good kush in it.

  7. Hake Feretto

    It’s why friends are for UwU rassuring you in the worst moments ^w^ !! And what better than a good chocolate-cake for feel better ? Even if this red Background make me feel like something will happen in the next page…or It’s maybe just for accentuate the “I’m hungryyyyy” dialog X3…..

    Anyway Itadakimasu Cara, pleas don’t bite Vanity’s hands UwU….

  8. Todd Maccarone

    Now, Cara has the right idea for comfort food- a slice of brownies! That’s always a good bit of breakfast… but that’s a lot of whipped cream on top.

  9. Nicole

    D’awww! Sisters forever! <3

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