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August 23rd, 2021

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No end in sight to the vomiting…
Sam got his first vaccine shot last week as he’ll be 12 before the end of the year and I’m now a little less worried about him going to a big crowded high school (of course the twins can’t get theirs yet and they’re going back to school as well and the anxiety over that is very much warring with the usual Sept back to school joy I missed last year, lol) He was nervous, and then ultimately a little let down that there was not much to it, barely felt it. Plus he got ice cream.

We weren’t too adventurous with the backyard garden last year, and still ended up with an accidentally huge amount of tomatoes. I actually tried this year and planted a bunch of buttercup squash seeds. That plant (plus cucumber) basically took over the garden but despite the amount of leaves and vines and runners the number of pollinated squash was kind of small. We’ll have to be a little more proactive next year about pollinating ourselves I guess, there’s not a lot of bees around :(

Vote incentive: this little Gardiner had better luck :)


  1. Treascair

    Gimp is going to be doing triage for a week after this, between all the injuries, illness, concussion and near-death experience.

  2. Kath McGill

    With squash you have to clip off anything that isn’t attached to a flowering fruit, the suckers will use all the energy for your produce. You also have to elevate the fruit on a tin plate to prevent slugs.

    Please keep masking your kids! The Delta variation has hit the nursing homes where my aunt and my husband are and spreading in the homes population. Both places have had their first rounds of shots. It’s not an absolute shield, it just helps your body fight the exposure.

    Tanked to the rescue!!

  3. lou

    So much vomit… Alison, do you need to talk about it? :P

  4. Todd Maccarone

    What was in those cookies? But yeah, someone will really be busy moping up those messes… And getting a luggage cart back, too…

  5. N30N

    I can tell the car ride back wont be fun with so many nauseous bears

  6. Murphy


    Lech & Pro are filling quota since tank had to save the day with cookies.

  7. Nicole

    Luggage cart! Great idea! And, yes, Evil’s going to have to drive. This should be fun! I love how Vanity’s basically just observing everything.

    @Alison: Wait…Sam is in HIGHSCHOOL??? He’s all growed up!

    @Nila Foxy: Are you on vacation? You’re usually our first post! ;)

  8. T-Shaw


  9. Mati

    Loving the genuine smile on Gays face

  10. MicaXIII

    Aw Letch and Gay continue to be precious<3

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