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July 12th, 2021

Page 794

So my husband and I are both freelancers and the availability of work is always up and down so it’s always hard to turn down stuff when it comes up…which inevitably leads to me banging my head against my tablet because I have too much to do. I had a 5 page buffer a few months ago and that’s ALL gone and I’ll have to scrounge time this week to get some new pages started but there’s also only like 4 weeks left on this show I’m on so I can’t turn down any of it as there’s nothing else lined up so far, but I also have revisions from an older project trickling in and a complicated test I have to do for a potential new job that I really want to get and, and, and. Lol.
I spent almost 3 months earlier this year with no work and the accompanying stress that brings. Balance would be nice :(

I haven’t even found the time to do any alligator Loki tee designs :(


  1. Nila Foxy

    Yeahhhhhhhhh! My Boiz Death & Pro still got some fight in them~
    Get ready for a (possible) nice explosion…

  2. Murphy

    When all seems lost, there is one last thing to count on.
    Huuuaaa huuaa, huuuaa heya heya heya deus ex machina!

  3. Nila Foxy

    (Oof.. even Evil looks legit worried now.. | if all them bears at the airport make it back in one piece, it will be a fucking miracle.)

  4. Emily

    I can’t recall the last time you had to take a hiatus that actually resulted in pages not being uploaded.

    If you need a few weeks, I think we all would support you!
    We love Bear Nuts and it’s been an absolute blessing to have consistency, but don’t stress!
    Family and work first!

    (We love you! Thank you for the laughs and the stories!)

  5. T-Shaw

    Glad to see Pro and Death recovered. I see Kara’s ready for her final attack! I think? Shit, I don’t know. I’m just rooting for my boys, Prozac and Death!

  6. gridsleep

    You need an agent. The shortest distance between two points is a middleman.

  7. Nicole

    Oh, lordy!!!! :o

    Alison, take care of you! If you need to miss a few weeks, we understand. We just appreciate all the story you have given us over the years. Unbelievable consistency on such a wonderful story. So do what you need to do to stay sane. *hugs*

  8. N30N

    Well this is worrying- I wonder where Tank is while all this is happening? I have a feeling he’ll help calm Cara down since they’re pretty close

  9. Todd Maccarone

    This whole fight is getting absurd… It’ll be a miracle if the airport survives any of this! But where did Tanked get off to? Hmm…

  10. Sterling Rodd

    All this for Vanity. Boooyyyyy… you’re gonna carry that weight… carry that weight a long tiiime…

  11. NAZF00

    In all the years this comic has been going one, I’ve only seen one hiatus from you. While I (and others) obviously appreciate this, I don’t think too many are gonna bat an eye if you take another one. Take care of the most important stuff first, then worry about the comic. I at least know I’ll still be hear (even if it’s mostly lurking now, lol).

  12. GregV

    I’ll also chime in and say that it’s okay if you miss a week or three of updates. While we enjoy Bear Nuts you don’t owe it to us. I’ve worked on personal projects where I’ve felt obligated to my “audience” even though I was doing it for free, and it’s better that you don’t burn yourself out. Also so that when you do work on it you enjoy it instead of having it become a slog you do out of self-imposed obligation. Missing an update isn’t as big a deal to us as you think.

  13. SneakyBird

    Well, I can’t see this going too well.

  14. Chuck

    Work and family comes first, comic comes second. Take a month off if necessary. Also, a little off topic but is anyone else not seeing the vote incentive pics lately?

  15. Hake Feretto

    Hey alison , you need a long and desserved breack ! Until now you still have post one page each monday and I follow this comic since years now, you never missed any week in years does you imagin how amazing it is for a so busy artist like you ?

    You are in right to take a breack, not any of us will be mad at you for that, its your health than count you must not felt sick cause you draw…. I’m an artist too and it have these days where I just want take a breack but like you I feel obliged with my audiance depsite I do it for free.

    Realy your family and WORK is more important than the comic, we’ll still love it even if you come back in one full year ^^. Plus force to stress yourself it will finish by affect the quality of your work than still was amazing even at the first page ! Now you realy need a breack and your fans here will support you , yiu have right to rest and you realy need it >~<!

  16. Murphy

    I feel like Tank’s gonna come in last second and save the day by having Cara down a keg of booze and get sleepy.

  17. Jeroen

    A freelancers life is never easy, especially in illustration. We can all pine away for a week or two to get our BN fix, get your work out first and try to relax as much as possible (hard with kids around the house, I know). B.t.w. I would love to know what you are working on profesionally. Something to add to your Patreon?

  18. Redevil387

    …Hm. I say let the three of them keep wailing on each other until they get tired. By that point Pro and Death should be tuckered out and Cara will turn back come morning
    The only thing to worry about is if they kill each other or if Pro and Death lose out too soon. Its a balancing act.

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