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May 24th, 2021

Page 787

Cliff hangers suck! Tune in next Monday :)


  1. Nila Foxy

    Oh shit! …

    Lech you alright?

  2. TailaBlu

    And THAT’S how you reel ’em in for a cliffhanger! Lech doesn’t have any powers we’re aware of… unless the next pages unearth something amazing, he could be really hurt!

  3. Mr. Casual

    The vest is going to save him. Somehow.

  4. T-Shaw


  5. Treascair

    … Okay, I’ll admit, that was *gutsy*… incredibly stupid, but gutsy. There’s no way Lech didn’t survive that, either. He knew what he was doing.

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, Lech better have some kind of protection for that lightning! I’m not a big fan of him, but even he doesn’t deserve to go out like that!

  7. Hebi

    What was going through Lech’s mind when he thought of this? Is Lech just secretly shock absorbent or something? I don’t understand what this plan could accomplish.

  8. Murphy

    Aaahaa! My gay heart!
    Allison, Gay calling out to his boyfriend who sacrificed himself!
    you know what you’re doing to us shippers!

  9. Warrior of Light

    Honestly, hoping Lech is dead. He’s probably homophobic, anyway.

  10. Sessl

    I hope Lech t-posed in the right moment to save him

  11. Nicole

    OMG Lech!! The hell were you thinking??? =o I literally gasped at this one…

  12. Murphy

    @Warrior of light wtf, a real warrior of light wouldn’t wish death on anyone!
    I get if you find lech’s character intolerable, but he’s grown as a character and grown on some of us.
    think before you post dude.

  13. Murphy

    Ohhh crap, I just realized lech got shocked with an equivalant of lightning!
    His heart probably stopped and they’re going to need to do chest compressions!

  14. weiern

    Oh shit he could have been thinking his tiny brain off before he got zapped

  15. kitty

    @Warrior of Light uhhh.. honestly it seems like lech has a lot of internalized homophobia bc he’s bisexual or pan. if you reread the series it’s kind of hard to claim he’s straight lol. especially when he spends most of his time with gay despite there being two female bears. i truly think he acts the way he does because gay makes him ponder his sexuality & he’s embarrassed by it. it’s kind of sad

  16. TekServer

    I suppose, if they were in more mountainous terrain, there might be a lot of cliff hangars around them right now …

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