Page 777
March 15th, 2021

Page 777

Cara’s just blowing off some steam. We all have those days…

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  1. Nila Foxy

    Prozac: I know what I have to do… My people need a HERO!

  2. Nila Foxy

    & Don’t y’all look at Vanity… Evil’s the one who gave him that damn tazer.
    Also my $ is on Death going down b4 Cara.

  3. Vausch

    Oh come on, Y’all can’t blame Vanity! Evil told him to shoot first.

  4. Murphy

    Okay so we’re fighting until death expunges the extra radiation, electric whatever…

    So pro-hulk vs were cara vs black lightning Death.

    So we’ve got enhanced durability, speed, agility, strength,
    electricity manipulation, electromagnetism, likely enhanced healing.
    we’ve got three out of four avengers fighting folks!!

  5. T-Shaw

    Everybody points at Vanity.

  6. IWX

    Pffft, Evil. Don’t even look at Vanity that way. You gave it to him and you wanted to zap Death again for funsies.

  7. Nicole

    LOL! The Skreee is the literal best! :D

    Whoof! And Death took a plane wing to the FACE. This is a throw down!

    Love that proud look on Evil’s face at the end. Heh.

  8. Treascair

    *sips tea* … yeah, about what I expected.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Man, this is not gonna end well… Leaves you to wonder how Death can clear out the excess energy. Hmm…

  10. Plethora

    Should we include the “Werebear” on Bear Nuts Wiki?

  11. lou

    I keep hoping they’ll just get together like all fluffy creatures of mass destruction should.

  12. Nicole

    I really like what monochromaticPrism said on the previous page, that this might end up being cathartic for Death. For his bear friends to survive an attack like this from him (if they do!).

  13. Dweev

    what a lover’s spat!
    The make-up sex will be AWESOME!

  14. Chasey

    Hmmm, how come big-Death still has the tummy symbol thing, but big-Cara doesn’t?

  15. FILIAS

    Evil is so proud at the moment

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