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February 22nd, 2021

Page 774

Fun times ahead for all the bears, especially Cara! It’s always good to let go every once and awhile :D
Our latest lockdown has been a little relaxed, so we can go to my mom’s for Sunday dinner again! And leave the kids for sleep overs! Even more exciting!!! And my little niece is just starting to walk, so excited to see her again…if she even remembers me.
It’s still cold here, but the days are definitely getting warmer and the sun is coming up sooner on those 6 am dog walks. But if any of you are currently experiencing the hardship hitting Texas and some surrounding states my heart goes out and I hope you are safe! I can’t imagine dealing with cold conditions when you don’t have the infrastructure to handle it. I whine when the snow plow goes by and leaves all that heavy mess at the end I just cleared, but that’s nothing to a cold house and hungry kids :(

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  1. Nila Foxy

    REALLY Lech?? *smh*
    & there you have it folk! Cara’s secret~

  2. T-Shaw


  3. Chasey

    Hmmm, okay, but Nerd was the first one to say “Oh, cool! It’s a blood moon tonight!” so I don’t know why he’s saying “A what?” on this page here…

  4. Chasey

    Also, sorry for double-posting; seems there’s a typo. I think she means to say before the moon “Fully” rises, not “Rully.”

  5. Vausch

    Okay if the framing of panels 6-8 was an intentional nod to Gohan turning into an Oozaru then many props.

  6. S.L

    Obviously she’s gonna do the monster mash and this whole plan will be a graveyard smash.

  7. James Rice

    I think you’ve got a typo in the forth panel. I think it’s supposed to be “Fully Rises”, not Rully Rises”.

  8. Mr. Casual

    This story has officially gone gonzo-bonkers nuts, and I am here for it. X)

  9. Murphy

    Cara’s dangerous and wait…Werebear and while Death is still Kaiju form?

    OH shit! Oh man! we’re getting a Kaiju fight Boys, girls, and everyone!

  10. Fyra Kins

    There’s a typo rully instead of fully, but otherwise great page!

  11. ghost

    oh so THAT’S why she likes prozac so much, she saw herself in him

  12. Plethora

    Oh boy, is Cara going to turn into a werewolf?
    Or should I say werebear?

  13. Todd Maccarone

    So, Cara is either a werebear or a vampire bear that feeds on people’s energy (that can somehow achieve a Kaiju form)? This is beyond nuts, even by the comic’s standards… But I love it! Here’s hoping nobody has any lasting damage…

  14. Project_Demise

    Did…did they forget what happened last time? Or do only Gay and Tanked remember?

  15. asebw

    Oooh! Epic fight! Werebear Sara vs Supercharged Death! Grab your popcorn! It’s gonna be a real brawl!

  16. Anon

    This reminds me of those Werebear plush toys from my childhood. Cool things. I still have mine.

  17. IWX

    So if she’s a werebear, will she become part human since that’s what the “were-” in therianthropy means? Or is she going to be some sort of hulking demonbear, like Prozac’s Hyde form except scarier?

  18. IWX

    Oh, vampire didn’t even occur to me, but that makes sense also due to the blood association. I didn’t notice the extended canine at first.

  19. Jeffery

    Really, nobody else said it? Ok.
    “Link… Link… Be on your guard. Ganon’s power grows…it rises to its peak under the hour of the blood moon. By its glow, the aimless spirits of monsters that were slain in the name of the light return to flesh. Link…please be careful.”

  20. n0083rp00f


    There Bear, there bear, there bear, there bear, there bear, and there bear.

    Stay tuned for the shocking developments in our hair-raising story.
    Next week. Same bear time. Same bear station.

  21. Dante

    Goku: Oh wow, she gonna be were-bear? I bet she is stronger than me

  22. Warrior of Light

    Assuming Cara becomes a werewolf-like being, maybe that’s why she’s a vegetarian?

  23. Treascair

    Cara vs. Death in 3.. 2… 1…

  24. Evilbob

    If we’re going strictly by archaic/ancient root words/meanings… the “were/wer” in “werewolf” used to mean “adult human male”. As in, “wer and wife” (Indo-European>Germanic>Norse>German/English language tree). And it used to be spelled “were-wolf”; a literal compound word.

    So if she is a “werebear” by the truest sense of that word, she would be… a human male. By far the scariest monsters of them all. Although some experts vehemently disagree stating that the scariest monster is actually the human female.

  25. Rebecca

    Kaiju Battle?

  26. TailaBlu

    Honestly I think it’d be interesting if the big twist on mythos for this was that Cara would turn into some sort of vampiric bear instead of a wolflike one, but honestly, in this world it could be anything. She could turn into a big monstrous wolflike bear that feeds off of blood, some sort of really scary hybrid that works with the whole association with blood.

    I’m a huge monster geek, so I’m going to look up blood moons in relation to monsters and I’m probably gonna leave another theory comment here later.

    (If ‘werebear’ is playing it straight, I gotta say this is reminding me of that one franchise I’ve never gotten my hands on. I really wish I had a WereBear plushie…)

  27. Nicole

    Cara! Why weren’t you paying attention to your own moon cycle!!! That said….FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! :D

  28. Jeroen

    Over here we just went from heavy snow and frost to 20 degrees celsius in a week! 2021 starts crazy.
    Seriously though, the Texas situation is really bad and my heart goes out to those struggling there.

  29. Lim

    I know it’s not a Terraria reference, but.. kek))

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