Page 765
December 21st, 2020

Page 765

Oh the foreshadowing!  Head’s up, follow us on PATREON for sneak peaks (like of the next page!) and an upcoming Christmas thank you Patrons sketch-a-thon :D
Plus, my second attempt at scones was FAR less of a disaster (I know you were all riveted by my baking drama) but still didn’t have the texture I loved from the Cafe ones…more experiment needed!

Plus if you have a sec (and an Amazon account) PLEASE GO VOTE for my current Shirt Woot derby designs (tee royalties help pay my bills! This comic definitely does NOT)
YODA SNACKS and AIR KNEAD (which is almost in the fog, no idea how far it might be from the top 3)


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  1. TekServer

    That’s one heck of a taser! Hopefully Death dodged fast enough; there’s no telling what effect a jolt like that might have on his ability.
    Thanks for the page.

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