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September 21st, 2020

Page 752

The one in which Lech is disturbingly profound…
As the world melts down around us I welcome yet another Monday…they used to be a lot better when the kids were in school :( Mondays were the best.

Vote Incentive: an old design that somehow fits the now with plague masks and fire and all….

Halloween tees are popping up everywhere :) You can find lots of stuff like this in my Neatoshop:



  1. Nila Foxy

    oooooooooooo Lech using big brain words for once~
    Yeah… About how I feel about so many fucking humans…

  2. Murphy

    *pinches self* Ow, Nope still awake, not in parallel universe either.
    Damn though, Lech can be profound and probably philosophical if he wants to be!

  3. kat

    i was gonna say SPLOOSH until the last two panels lmao

  4. TheTriggs

    Couldn’t have put it better even if he tried. That’s our Lech!

  5. Treascair

    … … Is it weird I REALLY like insightful Lech? all the subtlety of a sledgehammer in the face, but it works.

  6. T-Shaw

    Scientifically Accurate

  7. S.L

    Honestly I’d expect him out of all of them to understand greed and selfishness on such a level. So I’m not even surprised.

  8. Nicole

    Philosopher Lech. <3

  9. Chasey

    That was fantastic.
    Still kinda low on the totem pole of one of my fave bears, though.

  10. Gumballs81

    Yeah, that checks out.

  11. Todd Maccarone

    Damn, Lech- that was amazing! A shame it petered out in the last couple panels, but he is spitting straight facts here!

  12. madcomm

    Crazy idea:
    Most people who generally use “big words” only do so to feel good about themselves. To make themselves feel smarter. People who use crude language are generally seen as stupid because of this – the implication that they lack the vocabulary to convey their idea without resorting to swears. Even though the purpose of language is just to convey meaning.
    Maybe Lech is actually really, really smart? But never feels like he has to show that off? ;p

    Still, the mix of insight and the look of utter shock on the other bears is pretty sweet! ;D

  13. Matti

    Wow… I wonder what Gay thinks of intellectual Lech hmmm

  14. Sterling Rodd

    I like how Lech pontificates all this as he’s behind the wheel of a late model Ford Mustang. :)

  15. kat

    @Matti i said it before & i’ll say it again. sploosh lol

  16. Lokmagrosh

    So Lech has more than pornos on his book shelf. I can respect this. Though I would expect this kind of insight from Death bear.

  17. Hake Feretto

    Hoo gosh OwO…. I think I was in the same state than our bears when Lech have begin his philosophic ( and so true) monolog X3…. I was like them ” Heeeeh.. ??” I’m not surprised by theyr reactions, it’s true than Lech usualy act wtupid or selfish and for once what he said is TRUE and also well explained so it’s not a surprise if the bear are stuned facing that :3

    Well I hope they’ll success to save our little panda before it ending bad and than the roadhog will git what they desserve UwU.. and also… than we’ll discover WHO have poison the water cause this part is still a myster depsite the monkeys seem be the 1st suspects for now ! Can’t wait to see the next ^^

  18. sheepnwolf

    this is good

  19. Dakaggo

    Seems like Lech is letting his Jock facade slip a little. Being thoughtful and smart doesn’t match his idea of an “alpha male” so he makes it a point to act like a crude asshole even if that’s not what he’s truly like.

  20. TaggertShare

    I wish Lech was a U.S. citizen running for Political Office. He would get my vote. He just stated many of my own sentiments

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