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August 31st, 2020

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My little niece got baptized on the weekend and we had an outdoor family dinner after, got to meet more of my brother’s in-laws, celebrate an adorable little girl, and generally bask in some positive feelings :) There was a poopy diaper and the twins were asked if they wanted to help change her. To our surprise, they said yes (I think it was mostly so they could go inside again, they love snooping around other people’s houses). The diaper came off and the wiping was done and then Owen came over, and his eyes bugged out of his face and he looked at me and pointed at her: “Now I know how girls are different. Evan, come see this!!” Yep, his 9yr old mind was blown, lol. I have a little brother 2 years younger, we probably had baths together, changed in the same public pool family rooms, stripped down in the backyard when you were swimming but suddenly had to pee really bad…I have no memory of having some profound moment of noticing the differences. Too bad my boys never got a sister :(

Vote Incentive: character design for zombie parents :)


  1. kat

    i love how since this is caras first rescue mission, she isn’t aware how crazy they can get

  2. T-Shaw

    Yep, should be a real interesting story.

  3. Vausch

    Call me paranoid but I can’t help but wonder if Cara’s pulling some kind of empath effect here. Seems to be a lot of sudden changes of heart or convincing after a hand hold.

  4. Murphy

    Oh i can imagine how that conversation will go.

    Evil: Sooo…heh, funny story.. all the animals that went missing over the years?
    Prozac: *Angered* Evil, Are you telling me that there’s someone smuggling in the zoo!!
    Evil: Yeah…so about the smugglers, y’know the two boars right?…
    I can’t wait for the beauty of that conversation to blow up spectacularly! :D

  5. Nila Foxy

    Ok… Prozac, normally I would be on ya side with this. But in all honesty, QUIT THE FUCKING HATE STARE FOR ONCE! | It wasn’t Evil’s idea…
    & TY Cara, for breaking the tension (more or less)

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