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April 20th, 2020

Page 730

Happy Monday again everyone. Since last week was Easter I forgot to write about this: I wrote this arc a few months ago, long before our need to wear masks popped up, so I’m not prescient and Lech just smells rather worse than usual, but the coincidence does make me, well not laugh exactly, but it’s weird. Crack has a pretty fancy gas mask though, perhaps he could break that out…

And apparently Prozac is developing Spidey senses. Plus the WordPress comment filters are going strange and sending all kinds of spam comments to my email inbox AND not automatically publishing regular user comments (it’s making me approve everything) I have no idea why and it’s super annoying. But I saw an article about junk email and internet scammers just jumping through the roof since the pandemic started, so I guess even the trolls and web shits are home with lots of time on their hands :(

I hope everyone is doing well! Reach out if you need something and love thy neighbour and all!

Vote incentive: preview image of Vanity in an upcoming page (apparently practicing social distancing involuntarily)

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