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December 23rd, 2019

Page 714

Happy two day count down till Christmas everyone!!  Who’s not done prepping??  I have some baking to do: Jim wants baklava and the kids want brownies, and I want shortbread…so giving up sugar for New Year’s I guess :D

Vote incentive: Halloween Gay likes bows and frills!

New design in my Neatoshop! (that last episode!!)



  1. connor Murphy

    Vanity’s caught, now time for punishment.

    also that halloween gay pic is shining reminiscent.

  2. Nila

    *new Pennywise laugh* >8) ……………. TIME TO FLOAT, VANITY~
    Was I right, or was I right? — Told y’all it was little Ding Dong!
    (now where’s my flamethrower)

  3. Ali

    Now here’s the question (or questions):
    What’s the punishment?
    Is this the climax?

    Btw, I thought the ‘box’ was an brick. Am I the only one who thought that?

  4. Nila

    If this was the climax, there would be a “The End/The End?” in the bottom right of the page.
    How about tying him to a chair & doing everything he did this day, to him, for starts?
    (Or just kill him…. I won’t miss him. He’s forever my least fav. of the BN bears~)

  5. connor Murphy

    there’s no way that alison would kill off one of the bears, otherwise gay and lech would’ve murdered each other years ago.

  6. Nila

    @connor Murphy
    An insane foxy can dream though… :)

    (At least hoping next page, the last one of this retched year, shows Ding Dong getting hurt)

  7. K Derg

    The commentary is priceless.

  8. Kath mcgill

    Yup, I am a holiday procrastinator.

    Presents are in the trunk of the car, unwrapped.

    Weny out with ideas, did impulse buying.

    Lost the reciept already. Have every other reciept and can not remember where I put it.

    And I want to be the reason the rum is gone..

  9. Gultron

    I look forward to seeing how Vanity will justify his actions.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Busted! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  11. Hake Feretto

    Caught the hand in the bag Vanity ! Or should I said… the hand on the box ? Who better than evill for know trick and trap like this ? He was indeed the one able to know what our little panda actualy “Evill Jr” could do for trick everyone without be suspected… if it was any other bear it had work but unfortunatly for our little Vanity it’s Evill facing him… he now can’t put the suspicious out of him !!

    However I already see him justify his action by put his acts on Evill’s back cause of the event with the lion… now about punishment yes he desserve one at the lvl of his act jut I think he’ll not be punish (cause Evill was never punished for his act as childish they can had been).

    But if a punishment is decide I see only one enough “persuasive” and “disuasive” that will involve no violence or anything than coul hurt Vanity…however this “punishment” involve a chair and some feathers and I doubt we’ll see this kind of “scene” in bearnuts or maybe it could be use latter on a polar or anyone than could try to act bad agains bears…

    So for now I think he’ll be just interrogate on his acts by all the bears , or he’ll be punished but it will be do Off-pannel !

  12. Nila

    @Hake Feretto
    Evil’s intentions lately(recently?) have been different. He was doing what was necessary to those monkey’s. & though he didn’t do it.. I would have been ok with that male Lion “expiring” ~

    & as for Vanity… You are going too easy on him…… The little shit has back-talked without being taught a lesson for TOO long! & “off-panel”? After these last bunch of pages.. it would feel UNFAIR to not see pain inflicted on him~

  13. Nila

    At this point…….. little Ding Dong’s words will mean nothing~
    Even Tanked, the bear who was willing to share his room with, will have trouble trusting him. Cause knowing Vanity… He’s not sorry…………………….. Not yet~

  14. T-Shaw

    Not so smart now, are you Vanity?

  15. Bri

    LOL I love Evil! He’s so pro at what he does that he knows all the tricks in the toolbox. Vanity’s got some learning to do!

    Happy early holidays, Alison! (´ ∀ `*) Thank you for another year of providing us with nutty, chaotic goodness!

  16. Nicole

    Vanity, you dope.

  17. gridsleep

    I guess most people called it. Skunk don’t stink unless they spray, and they only spray when threatened or marking territory. You would hear it in the vents but you wouldn’t smell it unless you banged on the vent and scared it. Besides, if all the other animals are intelligent and can talk (Mr. Ed Syndrome) then shouldn’t the skunk be able to? Or is it like Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto (Convenient Sapience?) Wouldn’t the skunk have something to say about being kidnapped and stuffed into a bear den? “Human” trafficking? Is Vanity a metaphor for Donald Trump?

  18. gridsleep

    BTW, I thought that metal plate was some sort of inscription, like at the end of Water World, and that Vanity was in for a shock. Then it all became much more mundane.

  19. Nila

    “dope” is TOO nice of a word for Vanity here…

  20. Ali

    So true!

  21. AlphaName

    I honestly forgot about vanity

  22. Nila

    . . . Ahahaha.. Hahahahaha! Did you forget about him since the chapter started? Ahahahahahaha!
    Oh, that would be a good roast at his expense.

  23. MustacheHam

    oh Vanity, you got caught in your nasty deed to smell up the joint.
    But, buuuut, you were caught and who know’s what to come since they now know of your nasty deed.

    anyway, Happy Holidays folks. I hope you have a good time with fam, friends, or even some alone time (no shame in that, cupcakes). Take care & have an awesome one. :-)

  24. gridsleep

    The male bears don’t wear pants but the female bears wear skirts. Babs Bunny had something to say about that. What if a Scottish bear shows up in a kilt? (Oh, please, please, introduce a Scottish bear character, please. Have Nerd pester him to say “Cap’n! I kenna break the laws o’ physics!”)

  25. Nila

    Hey genius… The OTHER girl bear, don’t wear a skirt~
    What’s you to say to that?

  26. Delakando

    Vanity wanted to get rid of the bears all this time. Does anyone else really question why he would poison them and set them up for war with the lions?

    His vanity would have him encourage war so that the other bears are removed and he would once more be the focus of the zoo.

  27. Nila

    @Delakando *siiiigh* …
    Vanity is only guilty for the pranks this chapter.
    He had nothing to do with the other 2 events. Especially the water. He got poisoned too~
    & he stopped being the focus long ago thanks to the elephants.
    (seriously… how many here think outside the box like I do?)

  28. connor Murphy

    @Nila the one’s that think outside the box?
    or the one’s that actually think and use their brain.

    Jk, love all fans of the comic <3

  29. Nila

    @connor Murphy

    How about….. Both~
    (& I’m not JK about it)

  30. Delakando

    @Nila – Possibly forgot about the poison himself. Shit like that happens when trying to fuck over alot of people.

  31. Nila

    @Delakando *SMG4 Mario derp face* . . .
    More like YOU need updated on what’s been going down through BN~ You don’t seem to get what happened when…
    (Plz stop BS’ing b4 it gives me an aneurysm)

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