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July 24th, 2017

Page 588

Even by himself, Tanked can’t get away from overbearing and opinionated “siblings”… have I mentioned how much I dislike summer vacation? ┬áThere’s so much fighting and whinging, and even when they’re getting along it’s just sooooo loud :P

Been working long hours lately, I have a much shorter fuse than usual.



    It seems the gang has conveniently found those Rick and Morty dream interceptors so Tanked gives all the students As in math.

  2. Abdiel

    As each bear visits him, Tanked will progressively get angrier and more frustrated until he lashes out, and he will accidentally hurt a kid.

  3. Vausch

    Dang. That implies that Tanked actually understands Nerd when he goes on his scifi ranting XD

  4. Anon


    Oh there’s more of them.

    Oh no.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, wait- Prozac is clearly the Shoulder Angel here, so what does that make Nerd? An inner annoyance, or just some kind of weird imaginary friend?

  6. Athlone

    4th panel = MAXIMUM D’AAAAW!

  7. Mr. Casual

    Oh, it’s the whole “angel/devil on my shoulder” thing. I thought Evil had actually made it there to talk to him, somehow. XD

  8. Haleena

    I just love the fourth and third panel. I like the fact that Tanked and Prozac have a very healthy relationship, even in his cute little brain.

  9. Nicole

    I agree! Panel 4 is the sweetest! <3

  10. Siraj

    Panel 4. Just… Tanked smiling is so precious and beautiful.

    … can we get panel 3 on a shirt, thought?

  11. Dakaggo

    So we’ve had giant crack, giant tanked, who next?

  12. T-Shaw

    That’s not helping Nerd…Stop being yourself for one and help Tanked get…
    Oh wait that’s right. Tanked is on his own for now.

  13. Abdiel

    @Dakaggo Tanked isn’t giant. he’s imagining the other bears.

  14. admin

    @Siraj: panel 3? Just a cut off close up of Prozac on a shirt? Or a Prozac shirt in general? I should do some shirts…

  15. Dakaggo

    @Abdiel I wasn’t speaking literally obviously…

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