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May 8th, 2017

Page 577

I stopped drawing snow and it’s super cold out :(  As I type this on Sun night, they’re calling for a chance of flurries tomorrow… GDammnit, it’s May.  Did see Guardians on the weekend (sometimes it’s hard to get away just long enough to watch a movie, and now I want to see that one twice!)  Vote incentive is pretty Grootish :D

New design in honour of May the 4th from last week: Get the shirt on Woot!


  1. T-Shaw

    Jeez Vanity. What a way for not helping your friend.

  2. sulfurwolf1

    Tanked noooo! Who could be next?

  3. ShennyNerd

    Been quite a while since we had zoo-based shenanigans. Looking forward to seeing what develops.

  4. Francis-Olivier

    Wouldn’t the most docile actually be gimp? I guess it’s the mask that leads people to think otherwise. Unless he has some secrets…

  5. Sterling Rodd

    Oh, God, that was hilarious. The way Tanked looks as the 2nd dart his him in the forehead is priceless. I’d almost forgotten the name of the zoo! Another zoo-level story… This is going to be great. :)


    I like where this arc is going. Finally another one with the zookeepers.

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Come on, zoo keepers! Tanked has few brain cells as it is! I think you’re killing them with that tranquilizer dart to the head.

  8. Nicole

    Gah! Right in the noggin! :(

  9. Michael Sirius

    Tanked’s expressions are phenomenal

  10. Potato


  11. Chasey

    I agree; I think Gimpy would be the most docile, but suppose the mask is a deterrent. And after Nerd beat the crap out of Evil with a baseball bat in front of children I guess they know he’s not the most docile either, haha. They haven’t witnessed Vanity being a jerkwad though, and they already know he used to be a well-loved attraction to the kids, so maybe Vanity can be part of the hands-on thing.

  12. Abdiel

    Good job Vanity. Way to not help the first bear to show you some kindness.

  13. CorvusCorone68

    hehehe inb4 the zoo forgets to keep Tanked inebriated

  14. SomeUnregPunk

    This is going to be rehash of chapter 29 ain’t it?

  15. sulfurwolf1

    What chapter is this? This is getting really long and exciting.

  16. admin

    @sulfur: This would be 55.

  17. PurpleJasmin

    I just discovered Bear Nuts last week, and have wasted (no, not “wasted”, “enjoyed”!) hours reading through from the start. I found your site by doing a Google search on your name, as I am a fan of the stamps you did for Whiff of Joy – Henry and Charlotte. But after reading these comics, I don’t think I’m ever going to look at my Henry stamps the same way again!

    And thank you for the “Vote Incentive”. My 4yo loves stories every night. It looks like you have shared many different “vote incentives” over the years, but I guess they disappear whenever a new one goes up. I tried voting daily to access the older ones, but the same one just kept coming up. So I guess there is no way to access the older ones?

    Thank you for sharing your talent and humour with the world.

  18. admin

    Hi Purple! Nice to meet you :)
    That is certainly a round about way to find me! I miss drawing Henry stamps, he’s a cute little guy!
    The vote program only holds one image per week but you can find some of the old ones (and lots of other stuff) at the Bear Nuts Face Book page:
    There’s a gallery of old vote incentive images on there.

    Have a great weekend :)

  19. Cesar

    Mind telling me how I can launch my own comic and what to expect in terms of cost to keep it going?

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