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April 24th, 2017

Page 575

I feel like I’m perpetuating winter with this arc; it was +15 and sunny today.  I took the kids for a long walk and would have loved to soak up as much sun as possible, but the wind was still cold :(  But summer is coming!  Finally :D

Vote Incentive: This was a Shirt Punch exclusive, I think for Loot Crate or something? But she turned out cute and I have a Lego Batgirl on my desk now (she came with the Lego Batman Movie Joker Lowrider which is hilarious… kids keep wanting to play with it but it’s MINE)

Something silly on Neato :)


  1. ShennyNerd

    Poor Nerd can’t even get himself shown in the middle panel. But at least Vanity gets brought along.

  2. T-Shaw

    What did the bears make for Prozac?

  3. Abdiel

    It looks like there were only seven mugs on the tray but the last panel shows eight mugs, although I guess there could be one hidden in the back. That last panel is awesome, I love the ones that show all (or at least ten) of the bears.

  4. Aldin

    I see that Nerd likes a little hot chocolate with his marshmallows.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Something tells me the surprise for Prozac might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Also, Prozac’s smile in panel 3- what is he implying with that?

  6. Glowworm

    I don’t blame Evil, Prozac did drug the oranges last time.

  7. Anon

    Oops, Vanity dropped his eyes in the mug.

  8. Nicole

    So cute!

  9. rugibess

    I just realized that most of the bears at this point have shown some sociopathic tendencies…

  10. Michael Sirius

    Nerd and Evil getting along is nice to see, but I wonder why Gay isn’t in the last panel

  11. Brian Hibbs

    So why are they so eager to accept drinks from Prozac? Does only Evil realize he’s drugged their food before?

  12. Pinecat

    Oh no, I hope whatever they made for Crack isn’t, well, as bad as it could be! Still awesome panel! :3

  13. Bri

    I’m not sure if anyone’s commented on this yet, but I love the fact that the veins in Crack’s eyes haven’t showed up in a while now. :D

  14. Zadow

    Has nobody noticed that Death has talked?? I swear it’s like the first time that’s happened

  15. Brian Hibbs

    @Zadow, he did in the last chapter when he called Prozac a hypocrite. It’s Gimp and Tank that never talk.

  16. FellowBearNutsReader

    Vanity, your face doesn’t go in the mug! xD

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