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July 13th, 2015

Page 482

I finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon so FOLLOW STUDIO DOOOMCAT on Twitter!  I’m going to attempt to update that regularly but I feel like I’m still getting used to Face Book.  Unfortunately, FB really seems to throttle all traffic and posts are pretty invisible on there (the average update gets seen by like a quarter of the people who actually like the page… so that’s helpful.  Hard to complain about the free platform though.)  Anyway, I guess Twitter is a bit better about that, unless of course you follow hundreds of people and everything just gets lost in the noise (and why does it keep asking me if I want to follow Kim Kardashian??)

Vote Incentive: I believe this is the last of the DOTA versions of the bears, and Cara looks kind of awesome/scary :)

New shirt up now on Woot! For that Venn diagram slice of people who love Fantastic Four AND Dr. Suess :)


  1. Vausch

    And suddenly the fact that this is a Death story makes a lot more sense even if he hasn’t been here yet.

    Good job Gimp, and nice reference Nerd.

  2. TheHedgehog

    Oh my gosh, Gay looks super cute with his hair like that!!!!
    Also, nice to see everyone getting along! Except Prozac….

  3. madeofstardust

    A page full of cute!!

  4. EatingFurniture

    I’ve always been here early and I almost always get last week’s vote incentive, and I usually forget to check if it has updated, so I’m always like a week behind.

    Also noticed Mike Higgins and Seth Iova on the twitter page, love both of their art.

    And now Prozac’s here.

  5. EatingFurniture

    Oh, and still missing Death and Crack. I wonder where they could be. And I meant to say Prozac was cute but I somehow messed it up.

  6. Cavema

    Why is it that me and nerd usually would say the exact same thing in these situations

  7. Rainey

    LOL! Gimp you naughty thing. ^_^

  8. Cavema

    Oh and that group pic of them in the water better turn into a wall paper ;)

  9. EatingFurniture

    Gimpy has been very naughty…

  10. slashermew122

    maybe gimpy is hopeing prozac will *punish* him latter. but ill leave that up to your minds XD

  11. T-Shaw

    Wow I wonder why Death isn’t joining n the fun.

  12. Wolfy

    I totally just realized that death has not been seen in about 40 pages :(

  13. Irma-Vep

    aawww :)
    Not sure which face I love more, stunned tanked or naughty gimp :)

  14. glowworm

    I like that Gimp kicked Prozac in.

  15. The_Rippy_One

    Doesn’t leather get horribly mucked up if you get it soaked? I hope you’re water-proofed, Gimp!

  16. mustacheham

    Oh man, this page…is just full of fun. XD

  17. SD

    That last panel should be a book mark. Also I want my Tanked plushy.

  18. Alister

    When Evil smiles like he does in the last panel, it’s almost easy to forget how much of a little sh*t he can be. Also, c’mon Prozac! Have some fun Mr. Gumpygills.

  19. Bry

    so unlike u, Gimpy, lol! this is adorable~ <3

  20. Michael Sirius

    Last panel is definite wallpaper material! Cute! You’d never expect that they barely tolerate each other from this picture!
    I’m glad to see my couples together.
    Looking at this, I feel as if all is right in the universe

  21. TheTriggs

    Huh, now that I think on it.. This Chapter being about Death’s antisocial behavior..
    Everyone’s playing around in water. And if anyone’s paid attention, they’d know Death hates water, and why.

    Yeah I think I see where this is going.

    However, it’s good to see Sara and Cara are actually getting along well with the others!

  22. D.durand

    I love when I can’t stop to smile at a comic page, like that.

  23. Anonymous

    Aww, Cara is so nice in the third panel, concerned for Tanked.

  24. Urago

    I thought Prozac was throwing the ball in the fourth panel, but then I realized it was Sara.

  25. EatingFurniture

    @TheTriggs; They’re sisters, they’ve been through everything together.

    @Michael Sirius; You’re right, that really would make a nice wallpaper.

    Also Prozac is unstopably adorable in panel 6.

  26. Caveman

    @eatingfurniture: I think he is just happy every one more or less is getting along

  27. Turner

    You know gay does look younger with that hair.

  28. Josh

    On my way! And gay have the same hair

  29. Josh

    Pms* (Damn you autocorrect )

  30. MangoCheeseSauce

    I can’t wait for the next panel!

  31. Turner

    @Josh usually gays hair is like put back. I don’t know if he’s usual hair has a name. But in this page it looks like it’s put a bit to the front. Yeah I don’t know what I’m saying. But really gay does look younger with that hairstyle when he’s in the water.

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