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December 10th, 2012

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No Vanity!  Don’t go in there!  It will only end badly!  Or not.

As a woman I have a problem with the animal harem dynamic.  Lopsided social arrangements suck.  For example, lionesses are badasses, lions on the other hand…  This bitterness probably stems from experiencing the profoundly one sided aspect of growing a baby/ painfully expelling said baby(ies)/ continuous painful nourishing of baby(ies)/utter destruction of my stomach.  I think we should adopt the seahorse male incubator thing, or those male penguins that do all the egg sitting while the female hunts.  Then guys could at least have some choice.

It doesn’t help that my husband’s response to this issue is along the lines of: “You’re forgetting that I have to listen to all your bitching.  It’s haaaard.”  Plus my eldest just knocked our camera off the counter today… look who’s getting a replacement Nikon lens for Christmas!!

Woot side sale brings the Fire Ninja tee back for one week only!  Overnight shipping will probably get you your tee by Christmas (only in the US I imagine).  In the meantime you can get “Creepy Hamster Ball of DoOom Eerily Levels Buildings“.

Also, here is a Sailor Moon (who I drew all the time as a preteen) having skirt issues.  It’s damn cold when that happens.  This was inspired by my brother and his current job’s kilt requirement.  You don’t want to know what they do in their down time (it partly involves joint urinal sessions).


  1. Terithian

    Uh oh. I hope he knows that it’s only the male peacocks that have the colourful plumage.

  2. gamehunter

    >=) search LoL in google images!! U SHALL NOT SAS!!!

  3. MH

    I just can’t stop thinking about all the ways in wich a pig and a bird can have sax

  4. baloneyjustice

    Ohhh oh.. did he just call Male peacocks peahens?

    Also… Maybe its just me… but The creepy hamster ball of doom calls out for a couple of speckle of hamster poop..

  5. Larissa.


    No, those are definitly females which makes them peahens.

  6. Nicole

    Rots o’ ruck with that, Vanity.

  7. raeByppilF

    It’s stuck in his mind XD

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Awwww! I wanted to see Nerd cut Crack’s arm off!

    …Uh, I mean… I wanted to see him use logic and persuasion to soothe his friend’s jangled nerves. :)

    With what’s been on Vanity’s mind for the past little while, I think those peahens better watch out.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    @Alison As a woman I have a problem with the animal harem dynamic

    Really? I’ve noticed the rather extreme disproportionate ratio of stallions to mares in MLP:FiM and I think it’s potentially one of the most delightful things about Equestria. :D

  10. kath

    all i know is my art teachers wife had twins, and he said “raising them was women work” She called his mother and said “Oh, I have an appointment, can you watch your grand children I won’t be long” when she didnt return 4 hours later, the MIL started to look around and found a huge envelope with her sons name on it. She called her son and said “I think you better come home…”

    Inside the envelope were divorce papers, she cleaned out his bank account, sued him for mental distress (and won) and left him with the kids, the bills and the stress of taking care of them. NO ONE BLAMED HER EXCEPT HIM.

    @ sterling Rodd, Omgosh yer a brony!! yes, after TMNT and power rangers, and tomas the tank engine, and care bears, it’s really nice to finally see ladies get some screen time as something other than seen and not heard.thogh they have two major male roll modles, Big Mac (ayep) and Shining Armor.

  11. Urago

    Seriously, Kath? I found this very, very disproportionate. She could’ve simply said that he’s wrong and that taking care of children is a responsibility of both.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t approve of this reaction.

  12. Lawr

    I think Vanity may be developing a fetish

  13. Beta

    I feel as if a can of worms has been opened with the topic of Harem in the Animal Kingdom. And I don’t want to touch those worms.

    But I do find it interesting seeing what Vanity does. I like seeing the lesser known characters going about their day. It opens up all sorts of new plot lines and depth to each character.

  14. Sterling Rodd

    @kath: Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and give a little shake. :)

  15. Kate

    I ♥ ♥ LOVE ♥ ♥ your ninja series shirts!! I’ve got all three. (In fact, the swimming ninja was my shirt and personal feelings for my 30th birthday this last summer. All I had to do was point to the idiot with the water wings and say “that one is me!” and my relatives laughed so hard.) I hope you do more ninja shirts.

  16. ryu

    Don’t forget Hyenas. They are matriarch based socioty

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