Page 109
August 14th, 2009

Page 109

I imagine Death to have umpteen amounts of patience (by the way, where did the word umpteen come from anyway??) so we’ll have to see what happens when he reaches the boiling point, or generally just loses control … oh wait, I wrote that arc already :)

Today’s vote incentive: The final page of Plight of the Puny Pirates! Oh the implied gore and violence! ¬†Oh the reverse racism! :)


  1. la

    “The older Evil wouldn’t have made that mistake.” XD
    Death is so nice. 8″D

  2. DirtyLittleSecret

    So, how did he get the scar?

  3. Kitsunekage

    This is my second time reading throu the comic, and I’ve just noticed Evil’s horns growing.

  4. Hoheh

    I promist not to roast a child again. [Heh. Gonna fry the next one.]

  5. Kat

    Awww! On the third panel you can see tiny evil horns growing <3

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