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December 19th, 2008

Page 34

This was inspired by my fat lab with an ear infection who existed for a week on pill filled weinies and gravy juice because she wouldn’t even drink her water… she probably thought it was the best week ever.


  1. choupower

    bahahahahaha, crack in panel 1 is PRICELESS. he never fails to crack me up.

  2. qtsushigirl

    X3 If a little is GOOD then a lot is BETTER, right? I know where Evil is coming from. :D

  3. W.E.R.

    Lol i love Gay in panel 3. i’ve had to clean up some pretty bad messes, so i feel him. and death looks too cute wih his huge grin and the skull on his tummy

  4. W.E.R.

    oh… did evil also stuff the sausage with laxatives?

  5. Q

    I like the concept of 1 bottle, 1 dose, lol Evil.

  6. Monty

    W.E.R.: probably there are only laxatives in the sausage :]

  7. SEA

    Is there ever enough? XD

  8. Bastardo_Kamonohashi

    You would think they would entrust Gay with handling the wiener, he’s the specialist afte all…

  9. Sean "Shin-Goji" McGuinness

    This makes me happy where I make bombs.

  10. Ian

    There are times, like on the last panel, where I wonder if Evil is truly evil or if he just do things without thinking twice. After all Evil has such a innocent look this time.

  11. NickT_Artist

    Death Bear has to be the greatest thing since sliced processed cheese product!

  12. RagingDragon

    I agree with Bastardo, Gay seems the logical choice for wiener-handling. X3 Then again, he’d probably slap Lech with it, and fisticuffs would likely ensue. XD

  13. Emu

    I feel as if I can see the huge, hideous monster lurking somewhere outside of view in Panel 5. And then my mind suddenly morphes it into the Killer Rabbit. That had to happed, didn’t it?

  14. King Todo

    Gay would also appreciate the usage of the term ‘fisticuffs’.

  15. D.O.M.

    Panels 2 and 3 remind me of my younger days in the Navy. Many were the nights where I found myself in that scenario and Death’s reaction is the same as many in our group after our “Tank” signaled the night was over.

  16. alecho

    hey! It’s my first time here, and just wanted to say how awesome the comic is! I’ve already bookmarked the page, and you’ve got yourself a fan! ;)

  17. Kristen

    It’s taken me a while, but I have finally pinpointed what I truly love about this comic. It’s essentially a kids show written for an adult audience. The characters are cute, cuddly, colorful and harmless looking. Then they act and the essence of the actions don’t match the physicality of the comic and you get a giggle out of it because not only is the comedy funny, but it’s just so wrong and yet it just feels so right. ROCK AWESOME!!!!!

  18. £Ø§Ð

    I almst afraid to wonder what Bondage Bear Took.

  19. Sopor42

    Just found the comic thanks to the add on, absolutely love it! Like most webcomics, my only complaint is that it’s not updated often enough =) But I know, you have a life too…

  20. admin

    Gay as a wiener handler is priceless… sounds like a good t-shirt design :)
    Hello again to any new readers, we love to have you! And thanks to Kristen, Alecho, and Sopor for the nice comments, as always they’re super appreciated. Sopor, I wish I could update more often too, but that’s one of my goals in the future if this comic catches on somewhat :)

  21. Kyoui

    I don’t think Gimpy took anything… He’s actually a pretty good guy, he probably just went with death to find the pills

  22. Evil2.0

    Ok, so maybe math isn’t Evils best point, but ya gotta love him

  23. AkatsukiNekoJr

    D’aww Death Bear is adorable

  24. Kitsunekage

    Evil needs an upgrade course in math…..

  25. Kitsunekage

    Rereadin’ this for the…… lost count’th time, and I just noticed that Tanked barfed on Gay’s foot…….How could I have missed that!?

  26. Johhny Mayhem

    I’m re-reading for the fourth time, and I just love Gay’s expression when Tanked chucks up on his foot. That resigned look suits him. xD I also love your art style and humour overall, like when Crack is practically eating his hands in the first panel.

  27. J.C.

    The contrast between Gay’s thought and Death’s enthusiasm is hilarious.

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