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August 20th, 2008

Page 04

BEAR NUTS for August 20, 2008 – 04 Bear Nuts


  1. chesire

    wow…the evil bear is alot like me heh heh heh >X]


    Ummmm…… i like the drawings but not so much the violence..

  3. Gothpy

    The random violence takes it from funny to Hilarious!!

  4. mimi

    teh randomness makes this comic “interesting” because the story itselfs is meh

  5. mr fancy pants

    ha ha.

  6. EvilRabbit

    ‘twitch twitch’ :P some reason thats the funniest part for me ^.^

  7. Ayla

    @BROTHERLADIES 0_0 – if the random violence alarms you, you either need to get some perspective, or go away. It’s not a mentality I like – but don’t like, don’t look, and see how society plunges down the sink hole when everyone sits there humming with their fingers in their ears. The violence is used to effect, is not extreme (I can’t imagine your reaction to even something like the Saw films), is not realistic gore, is not shocking or disturbing, and is used as part of a webcomic with a fun dimension to it. In today’s increasingly deprived society, I imagine your innocent soul can’t even leave the house. Where I’ve lived in my life, I’ve seen far worse than someone being elbowed in the face. Calm your histrionics.

  8. Sum1

    Now that’s something I wouldn’t expect XP

  9. Emma

    @ mimi. We’re, what, five pages in? Give the comic some time

  10. Zigmal


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