Page 223
November 8th, 2010

Page 223

Now Vanity has the decorator’s bug, his style being pompous.

Poor pushover Tanked has lost his room, he should probably go sleep on the couch.  He reminds me of my cats; I have a male and a female and really the only time they show any behavior differences is mealtimes (and humping times but she’s just not into it).  Normally Toaster doesn’t cower except when I put the dishes down and she lets the male eat first from her dish (if I put down both he goes to hers first).  If I move Neko away he scarfs his down really fast and then moves to her’s wether she’s done or not.  I literally have to referee until she’s done with the added Sammy complication as he wants to get his paws in there too and they both back down when he arrives. Neko has thankfully given up fighting back when it comes to Sam. The baby laughs whenever the cat hisses at him and then tries to hug him which usually ends up in a cat pancake and some fluffy tail.  I’ve tried squirt guns and yelling at him and whacking his rump (the cat, not the baby) and he still disobeys me whenever he can.  I can’t get this 14 pound animal to listen to me… I don’t know if that bodes well for raising a human (he rarely listens to me too).

I don’t think a mutated or otherwise enhanced Evil would ever use his powers for good but I did think of one character with traits Evil would enjoy.

I also finally got some backlogged fanart up including lots more Gay (he fittingly seems to be the most popular subject especially this adorable Spirit Day image) and my favorite so far by Vivzmind which is just awesome!  (Go check out her Deviant page, rocking animated style indeed!)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Vainity wasted no time taking advantage of Tank’s kindness!

  2. Zegu Zegu

    Did he bring him breakfast..what kind of..
    I hope that Syringe is filled with naughty poisons.

  3. CheezLord

    Yayz! The good, the bad, and the stubborn, full of himself in dangerous situations guy. :D

  4. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    FYI: I just LOVE daylight savings time! Now I don’t have to stay up until 1:00AM for the updates!

  5. Undeademon

    omg…the suspense for the next comic is going to kill me from how he has a syringe!…and thats why i have multiple sources of different comics

  6. Deriku Cera

    Loving the Superhero Bears that appear on these updates :P

    Now to go back to the beginning of this comic and start reading again! Wooo.

    Also I notice the ice cream scoop in the last update, I really hope Evil’s mantle doesn’t consist of having the eyes of his enemi….Victims in jars or something. The jars would be huge and that mantle would break >.<

  7. kitsunekage

    @ Enigma (previous page) Ummmmmmm, what’re you doing? *Loud Crash comes from kitchen* And that means that Tarantulas as wasted Her time hear and as now returned to Royalty’s Sub-concious….Now she must eat her pancakes thru Royalty, for she can only be out for a limited amount per day. She be back tomarrow….

    Vanity has whats comming to him. Nobody stop Evil!

  8. kitsunekage

    *Silence Reigns thru the kitchen* I meant Waffles, Royalty, WAFFLES!…… I need more sleep………

  9. kitmit

    looks like evil got himself a new bitch

  10. D.Durand

    Let tanked alone ! You… you freak !

  11. Alix

    Y’know, seeing Vanity kick Tanked out of his room (even if Tanked doesn’t seem to mind) makes me feel a little less worried for him over what Evil is going to pull. Though eye-gouging is a little much still.

    I am really amazed that none of the other bears (Nerd or Prozac, at least) warned him about Evil, though.

  12. likeacupcake

    So Tanked’s like Vanity’s dog now? Well, ducktape dog at least.

    Vanity would probably be a bit more alert if he remembered Evil’s name though…

  13. Geek

    Oooooh, is that a syringe I see behind Evil’s back? Oh dear…

    Also, epic flaming super-Evil should be a recurring character :D

  14. Sora A.K.

    Poor Tanked, losing his room… I’ve been sleeping on a couch lately, and let’s just say that it isn’t helping my back problems.

    Is Vanity’s symbol sparkly? I don’t think I’ve noticed that before.

  15. Lody

    so that’s what the tape was for… he’s gonna use it on tanked I bet.
    looks like hes gonna inject vanity with an anaesthetic.

  16. HybirdZerro

    We were all begging for Evil to get his hands on Vanity, and it looks like we’ll get our wish!

  17. Aps

    Awww, Tanked still seems so happy sleeping on the floor despite losing his room…Vanity is in for some major trouble o_O

  18. FTS

    Inevitable evil torture will now ensue for the next 6 pages.

  19. 1up20x6

    Evil looks amazing as the Human Torch. Now the other bears have a villain to fight against. :P

    Vanity is in some serious trouble. If he let Tanked sleep in the room too, he might’ve had protection against Evil. Although I’ve never noticed the his symbol shines, before.

    And I don’t think the other bears would let Tanked sleep on the couch, in case he ruins it in any number of ways while sleeping.

  20. El Flesh

    Isn’t it something like tapping cats on their nose with your finger being more effective as a whack?

    Or is that dogs?

  21. SinisterTwist

    Heh… I love how Tanked doesn’t seem to be that overly concerned about waking up & seeing Evil heading towards his old room.

  22. Sophie

    Vanity’s such a jerk! he deserves to have his eyes on evil’s mantle if that’s how he treats poor tanked!

  23. Ketira

    @SinisterTwist – more like a soft *thwack*, but yep, that’s the right spot. Cats’ noses are sensitive, and it’s the way their Moms deal out punishment. (With mine, I’ve got her trained that a miss is just as good.) So, Alison, next time Neko pulls that act, grab him by the scruff and give him one right across the nose. It won’t really hurt the nose, & he’ll get the message that this is Something He Should Not Do.

    As for the comic…. I’ll wait ’til Friday. I’m sure that syringe is full of sedative….

  24. Ketira

    sorry for the double post – but that first part was to EI Flesh. I need food….. *goes to get leftovers of Chinese food family had for dinner last night*

  25. midnight

    Only concern I can see here: what happened to Tank? he only sleeping by the door like a loyal puppy.

    last panel pure evil :D

  26. noloveloss

    Poor tank, at first read I thought he just really liked vanity and couldn’t figure out why. Also for your cat have you tried locking him in the bathroom during feeding time until she is done. We had to do the same thing with one of our three, she eventually learned.It may have been the cold showers though:P

  27. alicia

    Awwww Tanked looks cute! Ya know, he appears to be more sober in these recent comics. I am reaally wondering what’s gonna happen to Vanity :D That’s going to be interesting.

  28. Glowworm

    Let me guess–Evil as Deadpool?

  29. systemcat

    Um in regards to fan art, I sent an email through this site back on Oct. 23rd asking if you’d be interested in more of it. I did a piece that’s currently only in my DeviantART gallery. Was my email flagged as spam because of it’s odd extension or your not interested in more work submitted to here? Please get back to me on this.

  30. Nicole

    Anything but the eyes, Evil! Not his beautiful golden eyes!!!

    But, you know, whatever else is fine. ;)

  31. DoggyGal

    This strip reminds me of the classic College traditions when a jock or something messes with a newcomer!:D Also,have any of you ever noticed that Tanked’s tail is a bit more curly? Either way,what I really wanna say is that you make Vanity seem more of a bear now instead of a panda!

  32. Enigma

    Mehehehehehehehe OH I can’t wait untill Friday now *grins* I realy want to see what Evil has planed for Vanity and I think once Evil is done with Vanity he well KNOW how and why Evil as said name.
    @kitsunekage: I’m Locking down some of the rooms *keeps working on the data screen* mmmmm I well need to redo the inventory list again I need to find a way to track all the rifts to all the parallel universes as they open. *taps a few optoins on the data screen and a two way video call opens and a Neko girl appears on the screen* Marau I need you and the others to do a inventory run again looks like we have some more stuff that droped in go armed tho we have a small but anoying undead infestation going on. “Marau: *left ear perks up* Oky doky E. want us to clear out the dead brains as we work or you want to save all the fun for your self again and when are you going to come and visit again?” *Marau grins at the screen* “Enigma: Ya you can take them out just be careful and I well come see you all in a week or two I have a potental to sell some of the building materials we have laying around. Send me your reports once you are all done and do try to not put to meny holes in the walls this time. *taps the data screen and the video screen closes and then sighs* well that should take care of every thing for now at lest.”

  33. anthony

    It’s a good outfit 4 crack, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to let him operate the iron man suit. I mean– He usually freaks out on every lil’ thing he sees, right? (Awesome costume though!!!!!)

  34. Nicole

    @DoggyGal: Yes, Tanked’s pelt is curlier than the others in general. So cute. :)

    Gawd, I still can’t believe Vanity called Evil “what’s your face.” He’s so gonna die a painful death.

  35. viper

    @deriku not necessarily, i mean you only really need a jar the size of an average jam jar, the eyes of most creatures will fit inside jam jars. and no, im not a psycho who collects eyeballs, i just happen to know a lot

  36. iSpazzyKitty

    LOL I’ve read 223 pages & I’m dying for more!


    You know, this will sound strange I know, but panels 5-8 & 11 look like either a murder or rape scene.

  38. FTS

    Kitsunekage where did you learn english, also instead of telling LOOOONG stories and using *’s DRAW A PICTURE. Also Joshua GTFO of my comp. and delete that goddamn email unless your not planning to pose as me again. Anyway great job Allison, you never fail to intrigue me with your comic humor, keep up the good work.

  39. iknewthat

    “did you bring me breakfast in bed?” what a prick. yes, Vanity, Evil DID bring you breakfast in bed. I hope you like sedatives.

    also Allison, I must say…

    it just fits!!!!!!

  40. admin

    @Zegu: Breakfast syringes are the best kind!
    @Deriku: He could just build another mantel over the first (it’s not like there’s actually a fire place under there.
    @Geek: Flaming Super Evil would be a game changer I think (Hello World Domination!!)
    @Sora: It looks sparklyier in the dark but I guess it fits :)
    @El Flesh and Ketira: I shall definitely try the nose whack, thanks! Think it works on babies too?
    @noloveloss: The damn cat can open doors :(
    @systemcat: It may very well have gotten spammed. You can try again or you can throw a link up in a comment. If it’s not overally smutty I’ll definitely put it up!
    @Viper: You’re not creepy at all, not at all.
    @SpazzyKitty: you’ll have to keep dying until Friday :)
    @Johann: lol, ok, not intended to be rapey at all but I can see where you get that idea.
    @iknewthat: Glad you like him!

  41. Vivz

    OMIGOSH! I’m beyond honored you mentioned my fanart! It was so fun, and I have done some more sketches since which I will color on the computer as soon as I snag enough time, animation class is picking up so college is gettin’ busy.
    I am already loving this arc, an SO excited to see what Evil does to Vanity CB<
    Evil=favorite bear ever!

  42. anthony

    @FTS: Alice never fails. Period!

  43. silverfang16

    Ha! Now the real revenge comes. I told Vanity he was getting off WAY to easily with the urine!

  44. Hoheh

    “This will sting a bit. Hold still…”

  45. Hex

    It’s not rape if you shout out SURPRISE!

  46. kitsunekage

    @ Hex, If you give unwanted sex to a hooker, Is is considered rape, or shoplifting?

    @FTS English is my first language, but I only get about 4 or 5 hours of good sleep per week, sooo. And, if you have a problem withthe massive walls of text I put out, don’t read ’em. Thats the beauty of Scrolling. and maybe you should just never let your brother on your computer at all.

    @ Enigma Ummm, ‘Kay. I’ll just go make sure Royalty isn’t making a mess of my kitchen.

  47. Nicole

    @Vivz: You’re fan art is FANTASTIC. I fell head-over-heels in love with Death AGAIN because of it! :)

  48. anthony

    @Hex: True, True.

  49. Shada


    Same here :3

  50. Bosn_C_Otter

    Boy, Vanity is sure making it easy for Evil isn’t he?

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