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January 30th, 2009

Page 46

What I don’t mention in the comic is how long it takes to get out that toasted Gay smell :)

So with a new comic starting today, we’ve also added some new stuff to the BN site:
-the wallpapers page is now up in the menu bar above. I’ll add more as I complete them.
-we’ve added a donation button on the right beside the vote button for Top Web Comics. If you’d like to support BN your votes are hugely appreciated! Every vote brings BN up the ranks and increases our visibility. If you’d like to make a donation we have a gift for you: a mini Bear Nuts coloring book (a downloadable PDF) that you can print at home. Paypal should redirect you automatically, but please let us know if it doesn’t and we can email you the file.

Another upcoming comic preview is also up as a new vote incentive at Top Web Comics


  1. Nachtwolf

    Hahaha, this comic is great. Gay is completely destroyed now.

    I hope no one met Prozac in the dark with a face like this…

    But anyways I wouldn’t turn my back on evil. He might stab. Evil, I still like you!

  2. Arkturium

    What I can imagine is the:
    hrrr, this room smells like Gay Flambe. <.<

  3. Goriath

    Pretty Sure Gay is going to be out of the picture for a while… possibly a LONG while….

  4. JakJak

    Nerd Bear has his glasses again XD

  5. W.E.R.

    wow…exocommunication…. that bites…. anyone up for a kebab?

  6. Kamino Neko

    Poor Evil…he was only being himself! Bad bears!

  7. DominicanKing614

    wow …. i actually feel bad for Gay right now …. that looks like he dried up after going through the fires of Hell …. as for Evil … yeah i feel bad for him too … it was just an accident ….. hopefully eveything shall be forgiven one day

  8. Wutdisdolulz

    I’m kinda glad Prozac stayed in a dark room by himself, I’m sure he wouldnt want the other bears to freak out now would he? <_<;

    Poor Gay! :'[ That’s like some serious damage there, at least it looks like when he gets back from the vet maybe they’ll pamper him like all sickly people deserve. XD

  9. medoledo

    omg. this is getting better and better with each new comic. o.ob

  10. CyberCorn Entropic

    I guess Gay has hit burnout. Poor bear. Still, I wouldn’t put all the blame on Evil, just most of it. Nerd should get a little bit as he was the one who startled Evil (not that Nerd would want to get chewed out by Prozac any more than Evil does).

    Death looks as if he might end up with an addiction to headache medicine. :P

  11. Sarah

    wow.. Evil actually looks GUILTY! XD
    and thus.. evil learns what the word ‘repercusisons’ means…

  12. Kylie Ann

    I am dying to find out Tanked’s reaction. As Evil’s “best friend” (of sorts) and the sweetest most trusting of the lot, would he really turn against Evil?

    I feel sorry for Evil bear, but poor Gay bear didn’t deserve that. And I still technically think Nerd should take some of the responsibility, as Evil would most likely have not dropped the doll if Nerd hadn’t freaked him out.

    And wow … Gimpy bear is ticked at Evil too. Never thought I’d see him angry.

    I’d also like to see Lech’s reaction too. He wasn’t fond of Gay, but I highly doubt even he’d want to see him all crispy fried

  13. SweetRMS

    poor evil

  14. Kitmit

    haha omg poor gay bear =[ but i feel bad for evil he has such a guilty look , i bet he really didnt mean for anything that bad to happen. I had to laugh at prozac in the dark XD

  15. paula

    ahhaha poor thing!

  16. Nastee

    So much goodness in this page…
    Gimp on his knees with that helpless look, Gay McFried®, yelling/”relaxed” Prozac :), and everybody being pissed @ Evil.
    Kudos! Great beginning for a new arc!

  17. Eccelso

    panel 5 – The Death’s skull is missing :D

  18. Hula

    Aw, not loving the Gay Bear hate crime :(

  19. BlackKat

    Well…………..Gay really DID want to dye his fur. I think a mottled burnt brown, charcoal black will really look good on him hehehehe :P

  20. Gleb

    I love this comic. :D

  21. Rex

    I’m glad that we got to see a bit more of Gimpy. He has to be one of my favorites just because he’s one after my own heart. XD

  22. Frappo

    Y’know… There are more bears without noses in this comic (Compared to the rest, of course.) See: Panel 3, 7, two on 8, and 1 final on 9. 5 Noseless bears!? Sign of the apocalyplse?! YOU DECIDE~!!

  23. £Ø§Ð

    Gimpy, with his Big, Pink, Eyes, can not pull off the Angry Look.nd, Prozak in the dar there, Kinduv looks like Crazy Link, from Acorena of Time.

  24. RagingDragon

    Oh, snap! O.O

  25. JDBrett

    I have a love/hate thing going on with this comic. I love it because I haven’t laughed so hard at an online comic in months. I hate it because said laughing is aggravating my dry cough.

    Nevertheless, the love outweighs the hate.

    P.S. You owe me a new set of lungs.

  26. Eodred

    Poor Evil, I feel sorry for him… he did deserve it a bit, but still….
    I do like the look of Prozac after he took a whole bottle :p

  27. Xu-kitty

    Heh heh heh…. You Tube search “Mole Patrol”/”Super Scope 6”, lookit bottom-left panel. XDDDD

    Also, I belive this is the first time we had a good look at Gimp Bear’s tummy-emblem. Is there an in-story reason why they have them (but like Baby Prozac didn’t have his pill yet), or did you give them their tummy-emblems for artistic reasons?

  28. Bynjaimyn

    well, i guess gay was really flaming, eh?!?!?!? hehehe, bad joke, i know. but i have my gay card, so it’s okay. lol. feel really bad for him though. and for evil as well.

  29. kristen

    Prozac bear is my hero right now. His reaction to Evil’s transgressions is great. I especially like it when looks like he’s yelling at no one in particular. This is one of my favorite comics!!

  30. Kaos

    Poor Gay.. so fried. might take months for him to recover. I think when he comes back.. he wants payback! O.o
    Well.. Now Evil realized that his actions.. can hurt even he didn’t mean to be. perhaps he will be lesser evil? could be interessing.

  31. Eccelso

    Wallpapers ftw!

  32. TheRedSparrow

    I think Gimps is going to miss Gay, gay was nice to him. (secret lovers? O_o)

  33. Mara

    wait, whould Lech turn his back on Evil?

  34. Lolsalot

    can it be? is an actual PLOT developing? this is sure to be interesting…
    and i pity both gay and evil. gay for his pain and evil for the excommunication. excommunication is a horrible ordeal nobody should have to go through.
    as for gay…eh, a bit of pain never hurt nobody. well, until they died.

  35. alecho

    Band-All? I want that too. I just got a paper cut couple minutes ago :)

  36. Xel Unknown

    I love this comic! It’s wonderful and funny! Just started reading it today!

  37. Xel Unknown

    Also deeply hope that Gay’s not dead… I’ll not enjoy that. Not enjoy that at all!

  38. choupower

    I honestly thought that Gay in panel 2 was Gay-the-Voo-Doo-Doll. I guess that shows much he was mutilated…

  39. random reader

    a little burning has never killed anyone (except for people with fire allergy)

  40. random reader is an ass

    what the that is the worst comment ever if you dont have any thing useful to say then keep you mouth shut (a little burning has never killed anyone (except for people with fire allergy)) if you think that is funn you should just go and kill your self now C.C

  41. chesire

    me and my brother both act like prozac in panel 6 on full moons(for me) and new moons(for me) >X}

  42. chesire

    er…full moons for him (typo)

  43. Maha Panta

    With all the alcohol Tanked drinks, just have him lick the wounds for an antiseptic!


    Poor Evil. Plus Prozack looks pretty evil in his dark room

  45. Kure

    Prozac’s expression in panel 6 cracks me up. Seriously. XD

  46. la

    I love this comic more with every page.

    ..the little kids.. Prozack’s creepier when he’s “happy in a dark corner” than when he’s angry. Just awesome, awesome, hilarious epic win. ;-; <3

  47. bossa nova

    i wonder why gimpy has that kit anyway, are his perverted tendency’s that dangerous

  48. CBunny

    I always had a thing for twisted cute things! This would make an awesome plush animal line in Spencers! I would collect them all!

  49. Puckcub

    its kinda nice to see that Gimp knows First Aide… true not all BDSM’ers know or have First Aide skills et al. but its nice to see it reflected in mainstream literature.

    (ok, yes compliment. and to me, this is main stream :P )

  50. Ayla

    Eh, Puckcub, what is one’s really ‘hardcore indie underground’ literature is another’s pabulum.

    I really love all the body language and faces here… I keep saying that, but it’s really talented. I love Gimp with his bandaids, Evil looking unexpectedly guilty and repentant, and most, most, most of all… Prozac in every way and form here, from him in his dark to his yelling face, which just makes me giggle like a fool. Great page.

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