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Monday — October 15th, 2018

Page 652

Lech to the rescue??  Nothing will go wrong!

Ate too much for Thanksgiving weekend, wasn’t much better this weekend.  Swamped with work lately and spending waaaaay more time sitting than I like.  My rear literally gets sore.  And I always say I’ll take a break and get up every half hour and walk around! Easier said than done.  Our schedule doesn’t look like it’s going to lighten up for a year actually (well more than that).  Current show goes till Dec, then we may get a week off, and the next season is supposed to start right away and last 12 months.  We don’t usually luck out with back to back contracts like this, especially one that will go so long.  AND I’m supposed to start a new contract with the same company doing design work (finally! That part’s my favourite!) that could get going any day now… 20 year old pre-kids me would have been over the moon with the work load and the financial stability and potential career progression it represented… current me is wondering when I’ll sleep.

I need someone to come over and do the kid’s homework with them :P

New Halloween tee: ‘Pumpking’!  And Vote Incentive: some clever zombies


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Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P