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Monday — September 17th, 2018

Page 648

Fun night with the kids at the annual fall fair in the town I grew up in (in weather more suited to a heat wave in July) and now for my annual rant at how expensive it is :P $25 for 16 ride tickets, which is not enough for 3 kids to get two rides each. Blah. 3 cups of slush each and some mini donuts, and the oldest one complaining non stop about how hot he was (Sam’s not a walker, lol). So yay, and we’ll do it all next year. I may have to go in the bumper cars, Sam’s still too short to go by himself. And Evan stepped in a sizeable pile of cow poo, in his sandals. The baby donkey in the petting zoo was the cutest thing ever!

Vote Incentive: more Halloween shirts!  Beast Bunny from Neato, and some Horror BFFs.


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